Congee Recipe: Great for the winter!

Congee Recipe

Great for the winter! Especially if you are feeling sick or weak, and it can be eaten for breakfast/lunch/dinner.


½ cup Jasmine Rice
½ cup Sushi Short Rice (glutinous)
Chicken broth or vegetable broth
2 cups Water

In a pot put 1 cup of rice ( ½ cup Jasmine & ½ Short Rice) and water. Cook over a medium flame. When water boils lower to medium cover and simmer stirring frequently. Once the water is absorbed add in chicken broth. Continue this process until the rice is the consistency of porridge.

This lasts about a week thin the fridge.

Things you can add on top walnuts, dried fruit, cilantro, boiled egg, sesame oil, and different meats. Whatever makes you happy! Personally I like to add a bit of cilantro, boiled egg, and sesame oil.


Written by Calandra Acupuncture

Calandra Acupuncture is located in Chicago’s South Loop and Arlington Heights Illinois.

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