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There is one thing that almost everyone has experienced at least once in their life. No. I am not talking about taxes. I am talking about pain. Whether it was chronic pain or acute pain, chances are you have experienced at least one. So, the question is, once you have pain how do you get rid of it? You might have heard of acupuncture but how does acupuncture for pain works?

How Acupuncture For Pain Work As An Alternative Medicine

acupuncture for pain
different body pains

First, let’s break body pains into two kinds:

Chronic pain in terms of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is often related to cold damp congestion, or hot damp congestion. Essentially, these are the Chinese Medicine diagnoses for the stiff heavy aching feeling you have when it is cold and damp outside, and for arthritis-type pain. Western medical diseases that fall into this category are neuropathy, fibromyalgia, arthritis/ Rheumatoid Arthritis, and certain autoimmune diseases.  If your low back pain has lasted for longer than 12 weeks then it is considered to be chronic pain.

Acute pain in terms of TCM is often related to congested blood and qi which can lead to muscle spasms, knots, tension, and other types of pain. This is most commonly seen in injuries due to excessive use, accidents, or sports injury type traumas. However, if left untreated acute pain can sometimes turn into chronic pain. That is the reason why the ankle that you sprained multiple times as a child can feel tight/stiff and probably crack more than it used to especially during certain times of year. How does acupuncture for pain help you to manage your aches or discomfort? TCM has many different modalities in which to treat both chronic and acute pain. Some of the tools of our trade include: Cupping, moxibustion, gua sha, Tui Na (Chinese Medical Massage), liniments/ ointments, herbal formulas, and the use of acupuncture.

How do these tools of the trade work then?

Cupping The use of suction to release adhesions deep within the muscle and fascial tissue. It is commonly used as a fascial release. It feels a like a deep massage.

Moxibustion A technique used to bring warmth into a specific point or area of the body to nourish and decrease pain in the affected area. Great for chronic conditions.

Gua Sha A scraping technique similar in function to cupping. Gua Sha affects the superficial muscle layers.

Acupuncture can increase energy and fresh blood flow to the affected area. It can also decrease muscle spasms and decrease recovery time.

Whether you are suffering from low back pain, autoimmune diseases, a recent sprained ankle, or neck pain, acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine might be able to help you.



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