Attunements in Japanese Reiki

What are attunements in the Japanese style of Reiki?

To fully understand the attunements in Japanese Reiki, first, let’s have a better understanding of the five elements to any Reiki class/journey.

Developing Spiritual and Mental Focus

Spiritual and mental focus is the most important part of your journey.  By working with the Five Precepts of Reiki, you start to embody them. They start to become part of your every day life. The precepts are tools to help build mental focus and spiritual development which leads to finding “true-self”.

Techniques and Meditation

During each of your Reiki classes you will learn meditation techniques to help you develop a stronger mental focus. Each class builds on these techniques and tools, and helps you to develop a daily practice.

Hands on Healing

In Reiki Level 1 (Shoden) you will learn techniques of hands on healing of self and others. At the Shoden level you are just beginning to head out on the path of self-discovery. It is through this self-discovery that you develop the tools to heal others.

Attunements in Japanese Reiki
Reiki Energy Healing

Mantra & Symbols

In Reiki Level 2 (Okuden) you will learn three mantras and three symbols, along with their descriptions and uses, that aid in the focus of energy. At this level you will start to discover inner qualities such as your Earth, Heaven, and Heart energy. In Reiki Level 3 (Shinpiden) students gain a deeper understanding of these symbols and mantras.  The symbols and mantras are yet another tool to help you on your journey of discovering “true-self”


Traditionally, Usui performed reiju (a spiritual blessing or offering). As the definition may indicate these were spiritual in nature, and would be performed with him sitting directly in front of the student merely sharing space, being the “bright light”, and meditate together. Usui quickly realized that for some to be able to fully recognize or receive a reiju that laying on of hands was necessary.  However, a reiju can come in many forms. These were meant to help to awaken ones own the innate abilities. A reminder that we all have our own “great bright light”.  Over the years, for many teachers, it has become more ritualistic rather than a meeting of two energies, and a reminder that we are all one.

In each level (Shoden/Okuden/Shinpiden) you will receive a reiju/attunement in order to help you on your own spiritual/personal development. In Shinpiden you will learn how to perform reiju/attunements for each level. Once Shinpiden is completed you start to see how Reiki is an integral part of everyday life. You start to recognize and utilize all of the tools that you have developed from day one.

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