Reiki Precepts: Show Compassion

Reiki Precepts: Show Compassion to Yourself & Others.


This is probably one of the more challenging precepts. It is very easy to show compassion to others, but for many it is more difficult to show compassion to yourself. What do Reiki precepts truly mean?

Compassion isn’t just loving, or even unconditional love for that matter. Showing compassion to yourself also means receiving. Allowing yourself to receive on all levels: spiritually, emotionally, physically, and monetarily.

What comes up for you when you sit with the idea that it ok to receive? Are you willing to give yourself permission? What is holding you back?

For many there are societal reasons, for others familial, or perhaps you came from trauma.

What would it take to move past all of that? To stand in your power, in your own compassion, and to be the space that allows for comfortable gifting and receiving?

What if I told you that there is just as much joy in receiving than in giving? That the giver actually find JOY in gifting.

How do you achieve all of this? Well, you work the Reiki precepts.







The more time that you spend working with the Reiki precepts, and integrating them into your life, the more you will understand that you already are the embodiment of compassion. It has just been gunked up over the years. You may start to recognize that being compassionate does not always mean allowing others to walk all over you. It can also mean having boundaries, and to stand up for what you believe is being true to you.


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