Symptoms related to the Bladder and Kidney according to Chinese Medicine, and the benefits of essential oils to aid relief.

When referring to an organ system in Traditional Chinese Medicine it does not mean the physiological organ system, but rather the energetics of the organ pertaining to Chinese Medicine. As such, each organ has its own specific functions, and commonly seen symptoms.

The bladder and kidney are referred to as a yin/yang pair, and work together.

Commonly seen symptoms of the bladder/bladder meridian are:

Pain in the: eye, neck, vertex of head, entire back, lumbar, sacral, femoral joint, back of the leg/knee, external malleolus (outer ankle), heel, little toe, and lower abdomen


Commonly seen symptoms of the kidney:

Low back and knee pain/weakness

Low pitched tinnitus

Hearing loss

Hot flashes (menopause)



Cold hands/feet

Sick easily

Wheezing/Asthma (in combination with the Lung)

Premature ejaculation


Hair loss

Decreased libido


Herbal Medicine vs. Essential Oils



Traditional Chinese medicine uses primarily herbal supplements for the treatment of bladder/kidney pathologies. In herbal medicine each herb has a specific flavor, temperature, and function. Herbal formulas are created by having one chief herb (responsible for the primary issue). The other herbs in the formula are used to either offset the chief herb, so it does not take you to far in the opposite direction, or are used in adjunct. Formulas are created with harmony in mind, everything works together like a symphony. It is rare that a single herb is recommended in Chinese Medicine.

As essential oil become more popular many acupuncturists are turning to them as adjunctive therapy for their treatments.

The application of something like Lavender, Frankincense, or Serenity might be helpful for that patient that is having a difficult time unwinding during their session.

Many essential oils are the same herbs that we would use in our herbal formulas, and are much more portable. Where you may not carry an herbal formula for sinus congestion in your purse, you may have a bottle of Breathe or Peppermint. Which is very handy if you are suffering. Most essential oil enthusiasts carry a small bag of the top oils.

Peppermint: Calming, opens the sinuses, nausea/gas/indigestion, headaches

Lavender: Calming

Breathe: Great for opening up the chest and sinuses

On Guard: Antimicrobial, great if you are around someone that is sick or if you are getting sick.

Before you go out and grab the first bottle of lavender you find be sure that it is of therapeutic grade. Not all essential oils are created equally. Companies like doTERRA use a steam process to create their oils which makes them therapeutic grade, and suitable for consumption. FYI not all oils are meant to be consumed because of the items in it, for example Deep Blue is not a consumable oil.  Other companies use a chemical process to create the oil. It is not recommended that you consume those, or place it on your skin.


Essential oils that may be beneficial for Bladder/ Kidney Pathologies:

Topical (t), Breath or inhale (a), Internal (i)

Pain in back or joints: Deep blue (t)

Low pitched tinnitus/ hearing loss: Helichrysum, Juniper berry. ** Never put oils directly into ear canal. Dilute in fractionated coconut oil, or other oil, in a rollerball and apply behind ear on the mastoid bone.

Hot flashes: Solace (a,t), Balance (t), Peppermint (t), clary sage (t)

Menopause: Solace (a,t), Cypress (t), Lavender (t), Roman Chamomile (t), orange (t)

Decreased libido: Ylan Ylang (a,t), Elevation (a,t)

Men: Cinnamon (a,t), Ginger (a,t), Myrrh (a,t)

Woment: Clary sage (a,t), Geranium (t)


Fear: Balance (a,t), ylang ylang (a,t), orange (a), sandalwood (a,t)

Insomnia: Lavender (a,t), orange (a,t), Serenity (a,t), Roman chamomile (a,t)

Sick easily: On Guard (can be put in diffuser regularly to clear the air, or ingest it at initial onset)

Wheezing/Asthma (in combination with the Lung)

Chronic: Eucalyptus (a,t), Frankincense (a,t), peppermint (a,t), Thyme (a,t), Breathe (a,t)

Attack: USE YOUR PRESCRIPTION MEDICATION AND SEEK MEDICAL HELP, as you are using your nebulizer/inhaler as long as you are not allergic to them.. Breathe (a), eucalyptus (a). Diffuse into the air. Inhale directly from bottle, apply oil to cotton ball and stick in bag and inhale.


Premature ejaculation/ impotence: Clary Sage(t, i), Clove (t,i)

Incontinence: Cypress (t), ylang ylang (t)

Always consult your medical professional prior to starting any new regiment. Essential oils are powerful regardless of if you inhale it, apply it topically, or ingest it. Be mindful of any drug interactions.

It is recommended that you limit topical application to one drop in a carrier oil like fractionated coconut oil.


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