Type of Reiki Taught & Practiced at CCHW

Calandra Center for Health and Wellness understands that some people may resonate more with the Usui -Hayashi -Takata lineage that allows you to access the Reiki energy through an attunement, and requires little in the way of self-development.  Although, we have a great respect for this lineage we believe that there are many highly qualified teachers out there.

That is why Calandra Center for Health and Wellness offers the Traditional Japanese style of Reiki that focuses on self-development, and offers a fuller understanding of the system of Reiki itself.  Should you decide to study all of the different levels you will walk away with a better understanding of “true-self”, the Reiki precepts, and how to do hands on and distance healing. The longer you practice the more you will start to recognize that Reiki does not end when the treatment does, but rather it can be seen through your entire life. These tools and meditations are so much more than just being able to heal people. They help you on the journey of finding “true-self” and help you in every aspect of your life.

For those that are already certified these classes will help you to have a fuller understanding of the precepts, the symbols, the meditations, and the attunements.

It is very important to us that the teachers that train at CCHW have a complete understanding of Reiki, its history, the energy, ethics of energy work, and continue to work on their own personal practice.   This is something that is not common to all teacher certification programs. CCHW strives to uphold the standards of the International House of Reiki (www.IHReiki.com).

Reiki Chicago
Reiki classes in Chicago

Calandra Center for Health and Wellness offers continuing education classes for acupuncturists and massage therapists. However, these classes have been developed to be beneficial for anyone, and you can progress at your own pace.

Requirements for Teacher Certification

Shoden Reiki I

Okuden Reiki II

Ethics of Energy Work

Shinpiden Reiki III  (It is encouraged that you wait at least a year before taking the Shinpiden class in order to deepen your own practice.)

Teri Calandra Dipl.Acu, MSTOM, L.Ac., LMT, RMT

Teri began her studies in energy medicine as part of her own personal development journey, and continues to to learn and integrate that knowledge into her practice. Teri is the founding practitioner of Calandra Center for Health and Wellness in Chicago, Illinois. She is licensed by the State of Illinois in acupuncture (L.Ac.), and board certified through the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM).