Reiki Distance Healing

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a form of energy healing. It is either performed hands on, or with hands off (hovering nearby), or as a distance healing. For more about the benefits of Reiki, please visit our web page, What is Reiki? Reiki has been shown to benefit anything that is related to or made worse by stress, including anxiety, depression, pain, PTSD, and insomnia. Reiki has also been shown to decrease healing time. These benefits are available whether you are in the office or receiving a Reiki distance healing.

Why Distance Healing?

There are many reasons to choose a distance healing. Some people that choose distance healing travel a lot, others have busy schedules, and some are recovering from surgery or are in the hospital. Basically, any situation where it is impossible for the practitioner and the client to be together in the same room. And, sometimes, it’s just more convenient. Have you enjoyed Reiki here at CCHW? How nice would it be in the comfort of home, where you can fall asleep for the night right after?

How Does Distance Healing Work?

Over the years there has been research into whether, and how, distant healing works. The theory that living creatures share an energetic bond by which they can influence each other’s health is referred to as resonant bonding, a theory which has been elaborated by William Bengston. For additional information about distant healing, see below under Sources/Resources.

Learning Reiki, “Receiving” Reiki

The form of Reiki that we teach and practice at CCHW is taught by Frans Stiene and the International House of Reiki. You can choose to learn Reiki as a personal practice, a way to enhance your own health and well-being, or you might choose to become a Reiki practitioner or teacher. Whatever your reasons for learning and practicing Reiki, it will help you connect with yourself. As you practice, you start to view the world and your part in it differently. This opens the way for a calmer, more balanced and centered experience of life’s ups and downs.

As part of Okuden Reiki Level 2 training students of Reiki learn the tools to connect with others for a distance healing.

If you choose to receive Reiki as a distant healing, please refer to this article by Frans Stiene. It captures the idea that there is no “sending” or “receiving,” which aligns with Bengston’s theory of resonant bonding mentioned above.


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