Continuing Education (CEUs/PDAs)

CCHW now offers continuing education classes (CEU/PDA) for acupuncturists and massage therapists.

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CE classes currently scheduled at CCHW:

Traditional Japanese Shoden Reiki Level 1 for Acupuncturists

To be rescheduled

If you would like to be notified when we are again scheduling Reiki classes, please sign up here. Reiki is not just a powerful healing modality, it is a way of being. THIS CLASS IS A CONTINUING EDUCATION CLASS FOR LICENSED ACUPUNCTURISTS.


NCCAOM is an Approved CE Sponsor in Illinois.  You can use NCCAOM PDAs to meet Illinois acupuncture CE renewal requirements!


60 CEUs or PDAs required every 4 years

26 PDAs minimum up to 56 PDAs of AOM & Biomedicine

2 PDAs of Safety

2 PDAs of Ethics

Optional: Professional Enhancement (PE) consists of coursework (CW) and activities (AT) that can be mixed to complete the 60 PDA points required for NCCAOM recertification. Remaining PDAs from the Core Competency section may be applied to the PE-CW category.

PE-CW Coursework: Live presentations or distance learning courses accepted.

PE-AT Approved Professional Activities are listed below

Current CEU/PDA classes offered at CCHW

Traditional Japanese Shoden Reiki Level One

NCCAOM Certified: 13 PDA PE-CW

Two-day class

Class contents include:

By the end of this Reiki class, students will understand biofield energy, principles of Reiki, hand positions for healing self and others, and meditations for daily practice. This class has been specially designed for acupuncturists. Please note: You may not charge for your Reiki services until after you have completed Reiki Level 2.

Class contents include:

  • History of Reiki and the meaning of the term “Reiki”
  • Overview of the different levels of Reiki
  • What can Reiki be used for
  • Four separate attunement/Reiju to help you on your journey of self-development
  • The Reiki Precepts and how they can be used in every day life
  • How to incorporate Reiki into your business and acupuncture practice
  • Review of typical hand positions
  • Learning and practicing self treatment
  • Learning multiple types of Reiki meditation, and how to incorporate them into your home discipline
  • Exchange of two treatments

Traditional Japanese Okuden Reiki Level Two

NCCAOM Certified: 7 PDA PE-CW

One day class

Class contents include:

  • Deepen your understanding of Reiki, and how to incorporate it into your life and acupuncture practices
  • Discover your hidden inner qualities such as your Earth, Heaven, and Heart energy
  • Learn four Reiki Symbols, their meditations, and the chants associated with them
  • Learn how to develop a professional treatment practice from these teachings
  • Learn how to send absentee healings and how that can be incorporated into an acupuncture session
  • Three separate attunement/Reiju to help you on your journey of self-development
  • Discuss how the tools learned in Reiki Level 2 can be applied to acupuncture and Chinese Medicine