Integrative Health Services

Empowering you on your journey toward holistic health and wellness.

Calandra Center for Health & Wellness empowers you to be proactive and informed about your own health and wellness.

Our integrative health services bring together different approaches emphasizing care of the whole person, including mental, emotional, functional, social, spiritual, and community aspects of your health and wellness. We coordinate with your other health-care providers to offer services that fit your unique situation and personal health goals.

Before your visit, please review the Procedures for Patients as outlined in our COVID-19 Safety Measures. We look forward to seeing you!

Integrative Health and Wellness Services

Our healthcare services include acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine, as well as Reiki, Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Techniques (NAET®), Colorpuncture, Strength & Flexibility Training, and Access Consciousness Bars.

Working together to provide you with personalized care.

Our practitioners work together to provide you the options that will work best for you. Sometimes a combination of approaches – for example, combining acupuncture with Reiki – will be beneficial. On occasion, your practitioner may suggest you see a different practitioner, whether within CCHW or outside. It’s all about finding what works best for you!

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We are here for you.

If you have any questions about your health concerns and what modality or combination of modalities might work best for you, schedule a complimentary 15-minute phone consultation with us! Come to your first appointment feeling confident in your choice, and with as much understanding as possible about what to expect.

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Calandra Center for Health & Wellness offers a safe place to cultivate well-being and heal the mind, body, and soul. We work with you and your other healthcare providers to help create a fully integrative healthcare experience.

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