Jennifer Sprowl

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Strength & Flexibility Training

Strength & Flexibility Training is a gentle and collaborative form of personal training to help you improve flexibility, strength, and structural alignment for lifelong functional fitness. It brings together techniques from Shiatsu, Active-Isolated Stretch/Strength (Aaron Mattes), and LifeStretch (fascial stretching).

Strength & Flexibility Technician

Jennifer Sprowl is a specialist in dancer conditioning, injury prevention, and pre/post rehabilitation. She is a graduate of the Ohashi Institute of Shiatsu and certified as an Active-Isolated Stretch/Strength practitioner based on the work of Aaron Mattes.  In October 2019, she completed training for LifeStretch focused on fascial stretching at the Stretch To Win Institute based in Chandler, AZ.

Jennifer brings her years as a dancer, choreographer, and teacher into her work with clients. Sessions are personalized rather than standardized. The space is quiet, calm, without ambient distractions, without competitive atmosphere.

The work is designed with a no-pain mindset. The approach to movement is fluid, gently paced, and centering for mind and body. Jennifer works with you so you can experience yourself move differently. You’ll learn specific strength exercises to activate muscles which have been forgotten or under-developed.

Choreographer, Dancer, Educator

Jennifer Sprowl is Artistic Director of Duncan Dance Chicago and a founding member of the Isadora Duncan International Symposium. She has extensive training in ballet and modern dance and has performed with the Dayton Ballet Company, the Pennsylvania Dance Theater, and others.

Sprowl has been a faculty member at Joffrey Academy of Dance for the last eight years, teaching Ballet and Classical Modern Duncan technique and repertory. Sprowl regularly conducts master classes in Duncan technique throughout the Chicago area, most recently at Hyde Park School of Dance and for the Midwest Committee of the Cecchetti Council of America.

Sprowl’s company, Duncan Dance Chicago, performs across the city and hosts workshop intensives on an ongoing basis at Joffrey. Recent performances include “Dance of Breath, Dance of Song” (2015) at the Chicago Temple, “Convergence” (2017) in Joffrey Tower, and appearances at Chicago Dance Month 2018 & 2019.

Sprowl’s collaborations include Dancestry featuring masterworks by modern dance pioneers Loïe Fuller, Isadora Duncan, and Erick Hawkins, in collaboration with Lindberg/Slayter Reconstructions and Katherine Duke/Erick Hawkins Dance Company, and the Duncan Dance Project, a touring company with Meg Brooker, Valerie Durham, and Julia Pond.

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