CCHW offers Reiki classes throughout the year (see below for descriptions). We also offer a variety of other classes and events. Click here to see all the programs that are currently scheduled and available for registration.

Reiki Classes

Are you interested in learning Reiki for yourself? Reiki is not just a way of healing others, it can also be a powerful personal practice!

  • Shoden Japanese Reiki Level 1: No prerequisite needed
  • Okuden Japanese Reiki Level 2: Must take level 1 Reiki at least one month prior
  • Shinpiden Japanese Reiki Level 3: Must take level 2 at least a year prior, and must complete the Ethics of Energy Medicine course.
  • Ethics of Energy Medicine

Shoden Japanese Reiki Level One

Two-day class

By the end of this Reiki class, students will understand the biofield energy, principles of Reiki, hand positions for healing self and others, and meditations for daily practice.

You will not be allowed to charge for your services until you have completed Reiki Level 2

  • Review history of Reiki
  • Different levels of Reiki
  • Learn deeper understanding of the word Reiki
  • What can Reiki be used for
  • Receive four separate attunement/Reiju to help you on your journey of self-development
  • Learn about the Reiki precepts and how they can be used in every day life
  • Review hand positions
  • Learn and practice self treatment
  • Learn multiple types of meditation and how to incorporate them into your home discipline
  • Exchange two treatments

Okuden Japanese Reiki Level Two:

  • Gain an understanding of which tools best match your style, so you can use them with more ease and confidence.
  • Receive additional attunements/Reiju.
  • Be introduced to meditations you may not have experienced in other classes.
  • Learn the first three Reiki symbols, their mantras, and how to embody them.
  • Learn to send distance healings.
  • Discover your hidden inner qualities such as your Earth, Heaven, and Heart energy.
  • Rediscover the beauty and power that resides within you.
  • Gain the tools necessary to start your own Reiki business.

Students of Reiki find that it aids in job expansion, relationship growth, improved sleep, stress reduction, stronger immune system, and overall more joy and ease with life.

Shinpiden Japanese Reiki Level Three:

Coming soon!