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Calandra Center for Health & Wellness is open for in-office services.

Acupuncture and NAET appointments are currently being scheduled at both our South Loop and Schaumburg locations. Herbal Medicine is currently available at our South Loop location only. A selection of remote services is available for those who are not able to come in person at this time. Please refer to our COVID-19 Procedures for Patients before your in-office appointment.

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    Please Note: If it is your first time coming to us, we offer a complimentary 15-minute phone consultation with you to make sure that we have a clear idea of your needs and you know what to expect when you make your first appointment. For those of you coming for Acupuncture or NAET®, the initial phone consultation is the required first step.
    Please Note: For first-time Acupuncture or NAET® clients, a complimentary 15-minute phone consultation is required prior to scheduling your appointment. We'll contact you to schedule.