Spring Time!

Spring purple iris bloom

The gifts (and challenges) of Springtime Spring brings sunshine, warmer days, and renewal. It is also a time of transition, when the weather can alternate between extremes. Similarly, we too can experience swings, one day feeling energized by warmth and sunshine, and the next day discouraged by strong winds, cold rains, and, if you live Read More

Your Immune System and Traditional Chinese Medicine

Your Immune System and TCM  Very few people can say they have gone their entire life without so much as a cold. For some, their bodies can fight it off quickly. While for others it takes substantially longer. Why is this? Why do some people get sick at a drop of a hat, and others Read More

Eating for the Seasons: Summer

chinese medicine summer salad recipe

Summer, for Chicago city dwellers, means a time of street fairs and outdoor concerts, farmers markets, and beach time. THESE are the reasons we continue to dwell here during the winter. Traditional Chinese Medicine & Summer In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), summer is related to: Heart organ system Fire The color red Taste: Bitter Emotion: Read More