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Reiki Classes for All Levels

Learn Reiki as a personal practice, or become a certified Reiki Practitioner / Teacher.
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Learn Reiki as a personal practice with Certified Reiki Teacher, Teri Calandra

Are you interested in learning Reiki? Reiki is not just a way of healing others, it can also be a powerful personal practice!

Reiki students find that the self-care techniques gained through their personal Reiki practice have exponential benefits including: job expansion, relationship growth, improved sleep, stress reduction, stronger immune system, and overall more joy and ease with life.

All levels are welcome, no prior experience or training is necessary to begin.

Specialized Reiki Workshops

The practice of Reiki is not only a powerful healing modality, it is a way of being. A personal practice of Reiki can complement and benefit many helping professions such as teachers, therapists, nurses, social workers, and more. Reiki promotes relaxation and can help reduce stress levels helping you to maintain your own well-being and prevent burnout.

Traditional Japanese Reiki Classes

CCHW has developed a Reiki curriculum suited to all levels of experience. Whether you are learning Reiki as a personal practice or would like to become a Certified Reiki Practitioner or teacher of Traditional Japanese Reiki, this series is for you.

Reiki Play Days

Try Reiki in a relaxed group setting!

About the Instructor

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