Reiki as a Personal Practice

This series is for everyone who wishes to learn Reiki as a personal practice, or to become a Reiki Practitioner.

Are you interested in learning Reiki for yourself?

Reiki is not just a way of healing others, it can also be a powerful personal practice! Anyone with an interest in learning these self-care techniques can do Reiki healing. Students of Reiki find that it aids in job expansion, relationship growth, improved sleep, stress reduction, stronger immune system, and overall more joy and ease with life.

If you are a Licensed Acupuncturist who would like to earn PDAs while learning Reiki, please visit our Continuing Professional Education page for the Traditional Japanese Reiki for Acupuncturists training series.

Learn Traditional Japanese Reiki

Traditional Japanese Reiki is the system of Reiki practiced and taught at CCHW. Developed by Frans Stiene and Bronwen Logan (Stiene), who founded the International House of Reiki (IHReiki), this is a system of teachings and practices to help you cultivate a way of being that is self-healing and healing of others. Teri Calandra is a Registered Practitioner & Teacher in IHReiki’s Shibumi International Reiki Association.

This series is for everyone who wishes to learn Reiki as a personal practice, or to become a Reiki Practitioner. No prior experience or training is necessary.

NOTE: The Reiki classes currently scheduled for 2022 will be held at CCHW's Schaumburg location.

Traditional Japanese Shoden Reiki, Level 1

October 22-23, 2022

Reiki is not just a powerful healing modality, it is a way of being. Whether you are new to Reiki, or already certified in other Reiki styles, Shoden Japanese Reiki helps you on a path to self-discovery. It is through self-discovery and self-healing that healing of others happens.

Traditional Japanese Okuen Reiki, Level 2

June 11, 2022

Reiki is not just a powerful healing modality, it is a way of being. Continue your journey of self-discovery and self-healing with Traditional Okuden Japanese Reiki Level 2.

Ethics of Energy Medicine Webinar

Schedule Pending

Open to all practitioners of healing modalities such as Reiki, acupuncture, yoga, massage therapy.

The purpose of this webinar is to encourage thoughtfulness around different areas of practice and the ethical considerations that may apply.

Note: Completion of this class is a prerequisite for Traditional Japanese Shinpiden Reiki, Level 3.

Traditional Japanese Shinpiden Reiki, Level 3

Schedule Pending

This is the final class in the Traditional Japanese Reiki series.

About the Instructor

Reiki training for acupuncturists is taught by Teri Calandra, LAc. Teri has pioneered the use of Reiki in conjunction with acupuncture, described in her Acupuncture Today article.

Teri Calandra, Dipl.Acu, MSTOM, L.Ac., LMT, RMT Teri Calandra MSTOM, Dipl. Ac. (NCCAOM)®, LAc, LMT, RMT Teri is licensed by the state of Illinois in acupuncture (L.Ac.), and is board certified through the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM). She holds a Masters of Science in Traditional Chinese Medicine, acupuncture, and herbology.

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