CCHW 1 Year Birthday Celebration: A Letter from Teri

What an amazing year!

Calandra Acupuncture was established nearly 8 years ago, almost 5 of which were spent in Dearborn Station. When the opportunity arose for greater expansion I couldn’t pass it up!

In January 2017 Calandra Center for Health & Wellness (CCHW) was born. However, CCHW did not take occupancy of 47 W. Polk St. Suite, M5, Chicago until August 1, 2017. From the very beginning CCHW strived to: create community, to offer classes for the public and continuing education for acupuncturists and other professionals, offer healing sessions in acupuncture, NAET Allergy Elimination, Reiki & energy medicine. Everyone already innately has the ability to heal; we offer the tools to help make that journey easier.

On August 7, 2017 the first patient was officially seen. What a week that was! Operating on bare minimums at the South Loop location, I saw over 30 people between Chicago and Arlington Heights. Truly, this feat could not have been achieved without the help from family & friends.

As time went on Lena Salonikas joined the team. Lena & I met almost 10 years ago at a networking event. Lena is a life/business/wellness coach and continues to learn more each day. She has been a gigantic contribution to CCHW. We continue to hold each other accountable and support each other’s growth. Lena’s role at CCHW has shifted to that of Director of Operations, and she is in the process of developing her own coaching company. You will see her fluttering about, and can catch her the third Tuesday of every month when she hosts the Essential Oils Events.

Recently, our family has grown. Charlotte Miller joins us on Mondays behind the desk, and Joan Wilschke joins us as our Resident Reiki Practitioner.

I am truly blessed to have such amazing talented women working as part of the CCHW team. However, none of this could have been possible without the support of all of the clients and students. You are what make up CCHW. As such we invite you to join us for our first birthday celebration at our South Loop location. This is a celebration of growth, joy, and healing. It has truly been a pleasure and honor to be part of your healing journey, and please know that each and every one of you has been a part of mine.

We look forward to continuing to create new classes/events, offer new therapies, and be a place of growth for other practitioners.

Other amazing news:

In August 2018, I will be published in the peer reviewed journal Acupuncture Today. The title of the article is “It’s All About That Ki,“ and focuses on the link between acupuncture and Reiki. Being published in Acupuncture Today is an honor, and a gift.

Another honor is CCHW became certified this year, through the NCCAOM, to offer Reiki Level 1 classes to Acupuncturists for continuing education credits.

We hope to see you at our Birthday Celebration on October 13 th  (10am-3pm, please RSVP) as we celebrate how we have grown and what is yet to come.

Best Wishes & Good Health,

Teri Calandra, MSTOM, Dipl.Acu, L.Ac, LMT, RMT

Teri Calandra

Teri began her studies in energy medicine as part of her own personal development journey, and continues to to learn and integrate that knowledge into her practice. Teri is the founding practitioner of Calandra Center for Health & Wellness in Schaumburg, Illinois. She is licensed by the State of Illinois in acupuncture (L.Ac.), and board certified through the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM).