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CCHW Loop Office

Are you a practitioner looking for a rental space to see your clients in Chicago? Do you appreciate the value of a supportive and collaborative community for healing? Would you like to work in a serene and welcoming practice environment? If yes, read on! Calandra Center for Health & Wellness is located in Dearborn Station, Read More

LifeWave phototherapy patches

Calandra Center for Health & Wellness is now offering LifeWave phototherapy patches to our patients LifeWave phototherapy patches work by focusing and reflecting the body’s own infra-red light back into the body to stimulate acupuncture points. Using light rather than an acupuncture needle to move energy through meridians is not new. Acupuncturists sometimes use laser Read More

Why face masks with valves are not permitted at CCHW

During the pandemic, we’ve all had to learn a lot of new habits and adapt continuously to evolving conditions. Wearing masks is one of those things. We don’t know anyone who loves wearing a mask, but many places, including CCHW, now require them, as recommended by public health authorities like the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

CCHW 1 Year Birthday Celebration: A Letter from Teri

What an amazing year! Calandra Acupuncture was established nearly 8 years ago, almost 5 of which were spent in Dearborn Station. When the opportunity arose for greater expansion I couldn’t pass it up! In January 2017 Calandra Center for Health & Wellness (CCHW) was born. However, CCHW did not take occupancy of 47 W. Polk Read More