Energy Medicine

Healing modalities that primarily utilize electromagnetic [specify part of spectrum?], acoustic, and/or bio-field energies delivered either hands-on or via sound and other sensory mechanisms.

Living in 10 Second Increments

What would it take to live your life in 10 second increments? You’ve got 10 seconds to live the rest of your life. What would you choose to do? The more you make a choice just for short term, the greater the possibilities you create for the future. Does this mean wandering around going “hmm.. Read More

Defining Discipline & Commitment Within Reiki

Take a deeper look into the Reiki Precepts and you will find discipline and commitment. Japanese Translation of the Reiki Precepts Kyo dakewa (today only) Ikaru na (do not anger) Shinpai suna (do not worry) Kansha shite (be grateful) Gyo o hageme (practice diligently) Hito ni shinsetus ni (Show compassion to yourself and others) Discipline Read More

Reiki Precepts: Show Compassion

Reiki Precepts: Show Compassion to Yourself & Others. This is probably one of the more challenging precepts. It is very easy to show compassion to others, but for many it is more difficult to show compassion to yourself. What do Reiki precepts truly mean? Compassion isn’t just loving, or even unconditional love for that matter. Read More

Absorbing Negative Ions Can Provide Positive Health Benefits

CM EDIT – link: NEED TO GROUND THIS IN THE EVIDENCE   Absorbing negative ions can provide surprisingly positive effects on the body and mind.  They have been proven to enhance mood, improve the appetite, quell allergic reactions, stop headaches and provide essential relief for a number of other ailments. One feel-good place you Read More

Type of Reiki Taught & Practiced at CCHW

Calandra Center for Health and Wellness understands that some people may resonate more with the Usui -Hayashi -Takata lineage that allows you to access the Reiki energy through an attunement, and requires little in the way of self-development.  Although, we have a great respect for this lineage we believe that there are many highly qualified Read More

Positive Thinking Creates Positive Energy

Have you ever noticed that a positive attitude attracts more than a negative attitude? You can call it the law of attraction, karma, whatever. Positive thinking creates positive energy. The point is that whatever you put out there tends to be what you receive back. When you start your day grumbling that you don’t want Read More

Reiki and the Catholic Church

Reiki Chicago

Let’s just be honest. When people hear the word Reiki some automatically think one of two things: “This is woowoo”, or “This is against my religion.” Someone recently asked me, “How does Reiki effect my Christian Religion and belief system?” What a wonderful question! I love questions. It says to me that you are at Read More

Back to the good times

What would it take to live your life carefree & without judgment? A constant need to further my spiritual growth and wellness caused me to stumble upon Access Consciousness Bars. Access is about teaching you to be the question, instead of always searching for the answers. The motto of Access Consciousness is “All of life Read More