Summer Salad Recipes

Easy to prepare and enjoy after spending time outside with friends and family. Use ingredients fresh from the nearest farmstand! Simple Pressed Cucumber Salad Ingredients Instructions Overnight Cucumber Salad Ingredients Instructions Tomato Salad Ingredients Instructions Source: Healing with Whole Foods, P. Pitchford, North Atlantic Books; 2002

Summer Soup Recipe

While you may think it’s more appropriate for colder months, sipping a warm soup in Summer can help the body stay hydrated and also induce gentle perspiration to keep the body cool. You can add slightly cooling (in nature, not temperature) foods and herbs to balance the warm temperature of the soup.   This simple summer […]

Eating for your Traditional Chinese Medicine Diagnostic Pattern

Easy, Healthy Lunch the Traditional Chinese Medicine Way The practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is based on determining the TCM Diagnostic Pattern for each individual at the first visit, and adjusting it with every subsequent visit. Your unique TCM Pattern guides the recommendations and treatments you receive from your Licensed Acupuncturist. You can also […]

Super Easy Escarole and Bean Soup Recipe

It’s soup season! Hooray! We are constantly recommending dark green leafy vegetables in Chinese Medicine. Want to cleanse the liver? Eat dark green leafy vegetables Want to nourish the blood?  Eat dark green leafy vegetables Want to increase breast milk production?  Eat dark green leafy vegetables Iron deficient? Eat dark green leafy vegetables Constipated? Eat […]

Springtime Liver Cleanse

Updated March 1, 2021 Springtime is the perfect time for a liver cleanse Check out this one-week liver cleanse for Spring! Then read on to learn more about how Traditional Chinese medicine works holistically with the seasons and seasonal changes to help you achieve and maintain optimal health. We include a few springtime health tips […]

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